04/05/2013 06:10 pm ET

'Dexter' Season 8 Promo: 'Too Many People Have Seen The Full Picture' (VIDEO)

The probably-final season of "Dexter" is approaching, and Showtime has released a bloody promo for the Season 8 that features Michael C. Hall's serial-killer-of-serial-killers lamenting that, "Too many people have seen the full picture."

The promo begins with a close-up on a blood spatter pattern, with Dexter narrating. "I've always been a very neat monster, but lately, the truth has begun to spill ... I'm losing control. And the only thing I know for sure, is that it isn't going to be pretty," he says ominously.

The camera continues to zoom out on the blood spatter, until we see that the blood is actually an outline of Dexter's face. Creepy!

"Dexter" Season 8 premieres June 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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