04/05/2013 10:44 am ET

PizzaBurger From Boston Pizza Is (Probably) Real Despite Ridiculousness

When Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza debuted a creation called the "The Pizzaburger" on April 1, we thought, surely, it was a joke. The timing and the sheer ridiculousness of a burger-pizza hybrid led us to reason that it must belong to the same camp as Scope Bacon.

But, lo and behold, April Fool's Day passed and the Pizzaburger lived on. It's real, and it's being sold in all of the chain's 345 Canadian locations.

The move apparently stems from the chain's very suspicious-sounding decision to go bun-less. The folks at Eater got their hands on a Boston Pizza press release that explains:

Boston Pizza, Canada's largest casual dining chain, today announced it is banning all buns from its menu and replacing them with pizza dough options. The bold move effectively eliminates all traditional sandwiches and burgers from Boston Pizza's 345 Canadian locations in favour of new, delicious "pizza-fied" versions. ... Boston Pizza expects the move to bun-less burgers and sandwiches to further cement the restaurant chain as the place to go for all-things-pizza in Canada.

Anchoring this supposedly new bun-less menu is the Pizzaburger, which comes in two varieties: pepperoni and bacon, and five-cheese. Other "new" items include PizzaSalad, ChocoPizza, Pizza Beef Dip, Pizza Apple Crisp, Pizza Toast and Pizza Bread Pudding.

However, we're not so sure these other offerings are the real deal -- the two flavors of Pizzaburger are the only items actually listed on Boston Pizza's online menu, and a Boston Pizza-produced YouTube clip singularly features the PizzaBurger and none of those other offerings.

Still, at this point we're fairly confident that the PizzaBurger, at least, is real. After all, the best jokes always contain an element of truth. But hats off to Boston Pizza if this turns out to be a week-long "gotcha" campaign -- you had us fooled.


[h/t MSN]


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