Post-Its Used To Recreate Old Video Games (VIDEO)

04/05/2013 04:16 pm ET

In a YouTube video posted on Sunday, Michael Birkin uses Post-it notes to painstakingly recreate footage from PAC-MAN and Mario video games.

Within the week, the video was posted on Technabob and Mashable, and now has more than 115,000 views. For 2 minutes and 37 seconds, Birkin entertains us with glorious stop-motion animation, set to music from video game soundtracks.
Think back to "Deadline," the stop-motion Post-it viral video hit in 2009, and you'll get a sense of the aesthetic.

The video took Birkin 96 days to make over the course of 11 months, according to text in the video. Birkin writes that he is "1 guy with way too much time on his hands."

Technabob points out that "due to the barely-changing shadows and reflections," there's a chance the video is a computer-animated hoax. But either way, it's a good show.

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