Sleeping Mini Pig Photo Just Might Be The Most Adorable Picture You See Today

04/05/2013 07:33 pm ET | Updated Apr 06, 2013

This snoozing miniature pig could make any day brighter (we're pretty sure it's not just a really cute stuffed animal?!). Submitted on Reddit by user KittenBabySitter, it's up for debate what makes this pig so adorable -- is it the pink sweater, colorful socks, or just that sleepy pig face?!

Although this little pig is a cutie, do your research before getting one for yourself. According to Best Friends Animal Society, "The current craze for mythical teacup pigs as pets will result in thousands of these animals ending up at overburdened sanctuaries, shelters and rescue groups when they outgrow their purported small size." If you're looking to own a pet, consider adoption by checking out your local shelter, or

Post by user KittenBabySitter.

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