04/05/2013 11:39 am ET

'Star Trek' Parody, 'Kirk's Blind Date,' Puts Captain Kirk On Internet Dating Scene In Search Of A Safe Vagina (VIDEO)

Poor Captain Kirk. The intergalactic dating scene is a mess.

In the new "Star Trek" parody "Kirk's Blind Date," the commander has a lot of questions about a prospect's plumbing.

"Does your species have a vagina?" he asks. "Do any of your vaginas secrete hydrochloric acid?"

You know, just the usual small talk.

Cult Comedy Pictures made the YouTube-posted video ahead of the May 17 opening of the new "Star Trek" movie "Star Trek Into Darkness."

While the spoof of Kirk's urge for a hyperspace hookup seems harmless enough, another sendup crashed and burned recently, NPR reported. The IRS incorporated a "Star Trek" theme into an expensive training video (watch below), prompting William Shatner to comment: "I am appalled at the utter waste of U.S. tax dollars."


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