On this week's episode of "Real Time," Bill Maher used his final "New Rule" of the night to take on Libertarianism and the conservatives whose obsessions with Ayn Rand have "ruined" the political philosophy for him.

Once a supporter of Libertarianism and its views on government intervention, Maher explained why he thinks politicians such as Paul Ryan and Rand Paul are "intellectually stuck in their teen years" and have turned a once promising movement into a free market-obsessed, "nanny state"-fearing delusion.

Maher went on to defend his new views on Libertarianism by mocking the party's tendency to reject government services even when they are arguably very useful:

"To everyone who keeps trying to shame me about abandoning my Libertarian moorings, my message is this: I didn't go nuts, this movement did. Like when you see a stop light, your reaction should be 'Great, an easy way to ensure we don't all crash into each other,' not, 'How dare the government tell me when I can and cannot go!"

Watch the full segment above.

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  • Wayne Brady

    This July, Wayne Brady went on <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LpGgQX9frSY">Aisha Tyler's podcast</a> to discuss his disapproval of Bill Maher's description of President Obama as "<a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/09/wayne-brady-ill-gladly-slap-shit-bill-maher-obama_n_1659234.html">Your Wayne Brady</a>," saying he would "Slap the sh*t" out of the comedian.

  • Donald Trump

    In his most recent feud, Donald Trump is suing Bill Maher for $5 million after the comedian joked on "The Tonight Show" that he would give Trump the sum if he proved his father wasn't an ape. Recently on “Fox & Friends," Trump said, "<a href="http://www.politico.com/story/2013/02/donald-trump-to-sue-bill-maher-after-bet-feud-87125.html#ixzz2Jwt52Wjt">He promised me $5 million for charity if I provided certain information</a>. Well, I provided the information. He didn’t pay. So today I sue Bill Maher for $5 million for charity.”

  • Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin is no stranger to Bill Maher's antics. Many believed, however, that he had taken a joke too far during a stand-up routine in 2011 in which he called her a <a href="http://www.nydailynews.com/newcs/politics/bill-maher-calling-sarah-palin-c-totally-limbaugh-calling-sandra-fluke-slut-article-1.1039705">"c---" and a "dumb twat."</a> He later defended his viewpoint when media compared his remarks against Rush Limbaugh's use of the word "slut" when describing Sandra Fluke.

  • Ann Romney

    Bill Maher faced bipartisan criticism this past election season when he not only agreed with Hilary Rosen's statement that Ann Romney, "has never worked a day in her life," but furthered it by saying that Rosen meant to say Romney, "<a href="http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/bill-maher-defends-hilary-rosen-ann-romney-remark-article-1.1061965">has never gotten her a** out of the house to work."</a>

  • Rush Limbaugh

    After Rush Limbaugh faced extreme criticism in regards to his disparaging comments about Sandra Fluke in March 2012, Maher received criticism, from both sides, for his defensive remark stating, "I don't like it that people are made to disappear when they say [...] something you don't like. That's America. Sometimes you're made to feel uncomfortable, okay?" But this comment was clearly not meant to be taken as reconciliatory, as Maher called Limbaugh a <a href="http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/03/10/bill-maher-rush-limbaughs-stupid-fat-f-k-who-s-not-funny">"fat f**ck, whose not funny"</a>, immediately after.

  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    Earlier this year. Bill Maher was confronted by Elisabeth Hasselbeck on <em>The View </em>over his joke involving herself and Lara Logan. Watch their heated exchange here.

  • Bill Maher Takes On Dinesh D'Souza Over Anti-Obama Documentary 2016

    On his show this September, <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09i2YvLPZuE">Bill Maher squared off with Dinesh D'Souza</a>, the face of a new anti-Obama documentary. Maher challenged D'Souza's claims that Obama holds anti-colonial, anti-capitalist views that he inherited from his father, argued that the policies Obama has implemented have not been as radical as Republicans have made them out to be, and even confronted D'Souza over the controversial comments that got him fired from ABC ten years ago, which were set off by comments D'Souza made on Politically Incorrect.

  • Michele Bachmann

    In March 2011, Bill Maher joked about Michele Bachmann's attempt to run for president by attacking her intelligence and religious beliefs. Maher was criticized when Marc Maron appeared on his show and discussed sex between Michele Bachmann and her husband, saying, <a href="http://www.mediaite.com/tv/bill-maher-panel-hits-new-low-with-talk-of-hard-fking-michele-bachmann-and-rick-santorum/">"I hope [he] takes all that rage that comes from repression and denial into the bedroom with her…and I hope he f**ks her angrily, because that’s how I would.”</a>

  • Rick Santorum

    In March, 2012 Bill Maher incited a feud with Rick Santorum when his remarks condemning Christian homeschooling hit too close to home for the GOP presidential candidate, who is a firm believer. In response, Santorum said, <a href="http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/03/bill-maher-irks-rick-santorum-by-comparing-christian-homeschoolding-to-madrassa/">"Our children will out-reason him. My 12-year-old will out-reason Bill Maher when it comes to understanding how logic works, ’cause [Maher] is completely illogical.”</a>

  • Christine O'Donnell

    In 2010, Maher caused a PR disaster for Delaware Sentate hopeful Christine O'Donnell by saying that she dabbled in witchcraft. Maher later apologized for "making her life hell" and said, "<a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/08/christine-o-donnell-bill-maher_n_1867137.html">I don’t agree with your ideas but it shouldn’t have hung on that stupid witch thing</a>," Maher said.

  • Ann Coulter

    Ann Coulter and Maher continually fight over their differing idealogies. When she appeared on <em>Real Time</em> this past October, it was no different. Watch the clip to see the two argue over racism, President Obama and Mitt Romney.

  • Bill O'Reilly

    Despite their opposing viewpoints, Bill Maher is a frequent guest on O'Reilly's Fox News Program. In this segment taking place on September, 2010, the two argue about Obama, the tea party, and left wing extremism.

  • Tina Brown

    In Oct. 2012, Maher and <em>Newsweek's</em> editor-in-chief, Tina Brown, got into a twitter battle after the magazine released an issue with the cover "Heaven Is Real."