04/08/2013 08:52 am ET | Updated Apr 08, 2013

Human Chair Prank: Rich Ferguson Terrifies Coffee Shop Patrons (VIDEO)

Not even a coffee shop in San Luis Obispo is safe these days. Magician and prankster Rich Ferguson spent a recent afternoon terrifying patrons of Kreuzberg Cafe, and they seemed to love it. According to the YouTube description, many of his marks even brought friends and family members back to set them up as well.

Ferguson was recently featured on "The Today Show" showing off this particular gag as well as others, so this probably won't be the last we've seen of him. Check out the human chair prank above and let us know how you'd react if this happened to you. Frankly, a place that sells steaming hot beverages doesn't seem like the best place to startle people, but it looks like he made it out unscathed.


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