16 Reasons Your Life Is Bigger Than You Think (PHOTOS)

04/08/2013 08:56 pm ET | Updated Apr 09, 2013

Sometimes, the world can make you feel so small.

Well, you are small. But your life is an important piece of the most intricate puzzle of all time.
our wonderful world

You belong to the most amazing species.. each one of us is a work of art.
Different faces of humanity
Photo Credit: Flickr / flowcomm

And sometimes, all we need is a reminder that we are capable of such greatness.
our wonderful world

Especially when we are in it together.

And no matter what we do, this big, wonderful world still loves us.
our wonderful world

Even if our lives are just a brief moment in Earth's existence.
Slot Canyon Sunbeam I
Photo Credit: Flickr / James Marvin Phelps

Mother Nature will be here long after we are gone.
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Because life always finds a way.
A Place Of Enchantment
Photo Credit: Flickr / Ireena Eleonora Worthy

So remember, every single life is a miracle.

And every day on this big, big planet is a gift.
our wonderful world

You could spend your entire life chasing the horizon...

But you won't even scrape the surface of our universe.
Aurora dancing in the moonlight
Photo Credit: Flickr / Friðþjófur M.

And we still have so much to learn from each other.

So, a lifetime here on Earth is not nearly enough.

Make the most of the one you have.

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