04/09/2013 04:41 pm ET

Black Conservatives Discuss Their Struggles During Town Hall On 'Hannity'

There's no doubt that blacks are in the minority within the GOP. Not only has the party acknowledged it's failure to more accurately reflect the country's demographic makeup, but it has also launched a campaign to attract more women and people of color.

A group of black conservatives came together for a town hall discussion on Monday night to speak out on what it's like being an African-American on the right.

Hannity's town hall participants said that there is a particular "double standard" applied specifically to black conservatives, with critics implying that they are somehow self-loathing individuals.

"There’s a need on the Left to almost psycho-analyze black conservatives, put ‘em on the couch," said The Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley. "In other words, Justice Scalia’s views on affirmative action are simply wrong but Clarence Thomas is a self-hating, self-loathing traitor to his race. There’s a double standard. And I think the reason you have that is… if you can psycho-analyze someone, de-legitimize them, you don’t have to take on their ideas… and that’s what the Left tries to do to black conservatives."

Others asserted that as a group, they represent a threat to liberal power and a challenge to the idea that the Democratic party owns African-Americans.

"Liberals, in total, believe they own black America," said Reginald Webb of Project 21.

But according to a new book by University of Alabama professor Angela Lewis, Ph.D., conservative blacks have been mislabeled.

“When you think of black conservative pundits who are always on TV and conservative everyday black people, they are not the same,” Lewis said.

Lewis said that although more than one-third of African-Americans identify themselves as conservatives, more than 90 percent of them support the Democratic party. Her book details how media contributes to the misunderstanding of black conservatism, with television pundits who are not an accurate representation of everyday individuals with that ideology.

“The media needs to have more than these pundits representing conservatism because they are not representative of black conservative thought,” she said.

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