04/09/2013 12:52 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

Cookie Monster Called 2-Year-Old A 'Bastard,' Mother A 'B*tch' In Alleged Times Square Assault

A man dressed as Cookie Monster spewed some not so Sesame Street-friendly words during an alleged Times Square assault Sunday, according to court records.

Bollywood star Parmita Katkar-- the mother of the two-year-old boy who was allegedly shoved by 33-year-old "CROOKY MONSTER" Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez-- told the New York Post the grumpy entertainer demanded money from her after her son posed with him in a photo.

When Katkar explained she had no cash, Quiroz-Lopez allegedly said, "You are a bitch, your son is a bastard, and your stuff is trash."

“[Katkar] then observed the defendant place his hands on her son and push him, causing her son to lose his balance and nearly fall to the ground,’’ the court complaint reads.

When Katkar's husband returned from an ATM, where he had been getting cash to tip Quiroz-Lopez, he found his family upset.

For the rest of the day after the altercation, Katkar tells the Daily News their two-year-old boy, Samay, repeatedly cried, "I don't like Cookie Monster! I don't like Cookie Monster!"

The couple reported the incident to police, who reviewed surveillance footage before arresting Quiroz-Lopez. He is charged with assault, aggressive begging, and endangering the welfare of a child. A judge ordered him held on $1,000 bail.

This isn't the first time a costumed children's performer has been arrested in New York City. In December, a man dressed as a Super Mario Brother was arrested for allegedly groping a woman.

Also, let's not forget the anti-semitic Elmo.