Mark Kelly Shoots Glock 9mm, Same Gun Gabrielle Giffords Was Shot With (VIDEO)

04/09/2013 05:48 pm ET

Mark Kelly, husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), is shown shooting a Glock 9mm handgun at planting pots and water bottles for target practice in a clip released by CNN on Tuesday.

"I gave this to Gabby as a gift," Kelly told "Anderson Cooper 360" when asked about the gun he was shooting. A Glock 9mm is the same type of gun that Giffords was shot with in 2011.

"Excellent!" Giffords and her mother shouted as Kelly unloaded bullets in Giffords' mother's backyard.

Giffords was shot, along with 18 others, while appearing in front of a Tucson, Ariz., supermarket for a "Congress on Your Corner" event in January 2011. Jared Lee Loughner was arrested for carrying out the mass shooting and is currently serving out seven consecutive life sentences.

Giffords is set to come to Washington this week for a dedication of a Capitol Hill conference room named for her aide Gabe Zimmerman, who was killed in the 2011 shooting.

Giffords and Kelly have become prominent gun control advocates since the shooting but still maintain a love of guns.

Watch the clip of Mark Kelly shooting the gun above.

Gabrielle Giffords Shooting
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