Helpful Note To A Toyota Yaris Owner Will Make Your Day (PHOTO)

04/09/2013 01:14 pm 13:14:04

There are good people in the world, y'all.

On Monday, Redditor Squeezymo shared an example of vigilante justice at its finest.

The user posted a note that an anonymous Good Samaritan had left on his Toyota Yaris. Someone had hit the car and driven away without leaving contact information.

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The note reads:

Dear Toyota Yaris owner,

We saw the (expletive) who hit the left side of your car with his pick up truck. He was trying to park behind you but he's an idiot. He took off without leaving his info so here is his plate #:


I hope this helps you get him.

Happy Hunting! =)

The user said he doesn't know who wrote the note, but was glad to receive help -- whether or not the perpetrator is ever found.

"I appreciate the gesture of what they did more than I appreciate the usefulness of it," Squeezymo wrote.

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