In February, we shared 100 of the most trendy prom dresses to choose from this season. But what about the craziest looks? For those of you looking to make a slightly, shall we say, bolder entrance to prom, check out the DIY dresses in the slideshow below for some (extreme) inspiration. We can't get over how creative these teens are!

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  • Tron Prom Dress

    In February, we <a href="" target="_blank">found</a> this Tron-themed prom dress on <a href="" target="_blank">Reddit</a>. Only fans of the '80s sci-fi movie understand how epic this getup is!

  • Starburst Prom Dress

    One high schooler from Michigan made a prom dress out of thousands of <a href="" target="_blank">Starburst</a> wrappers. Between collecting all of the wrappers for the top half of her dress and putting it all together, it took the student about five months to complete.

  • Duct Tape Dress And Suit

    Back in June 2012, Brooke Wallace and Mark Aylward were finalists in a national duct tape prom <a href="" target="_blank">contest</a>. They wore duct-tape attire to their prom from head to toe, including the entire dress, suit, and shoes. Wallace spent over 200 hours creating both outfits.

  • Gum Wrapper Prom Dress

    In 2010, Elizabeth Rasmuson from Iowa made her junior <a href="" target="_blank">prom dress</a> and her date's vest out of blue and white Wrigely's gum wrappers. Rasmuson told the Associated Press that she got the idea from hearing about duct tape prom dresses, and that she started collecting gum wrappers in the fall of 2009 before her prom took place the following spring.

  • Cardboard Prom Dress

    Maura Pozek turned her senior prom dress into an arts and crafts <a href="" target="_blank">project</a> by using cardboard, hot glue, tacky glue, spray paint, brown shopping bags and glitter to create this one-of-a-kind ensemble.

  • Doritos Bag Dress

    The year before making her cardboard dress, Maura Pozek wore a dress made out of Doritos bags and soda can tabs. Even though school officials gave her some grief because they wanted to make sure the dress was going to be appropriate, it was still Maura's favorite dress. "I got to eat a lot of Doritos," she <a href="" target="_blank">said</a>.

  • Soda Tabs Prom Dress

    Regan Kerr had never made a dress before creating her senior prom <a href="" target="_blank">attire</a> in April 2012. It took her five months to collect 5,114 soda can tabs -- with the help of friends and family members -- and then she sewed them all together.

  • Light-Up Prom Dress

    <a href="" target="_blank">The Today Show</a> featured another kind of light-up dress in a segment that talked about wearable technology. Obviously you would have to be extra careful of liquid spills when donning this outfit...

  • Confederate Flag Dress

    One teen from Tennessee -- Texanna Edwards -- didn't even make it into her prom because of the <a href="" target="_blank">dress</a> she picked out. Last April, the senior at Gibson County High School was turned away from the school dance when she showed up in a custom-made dress that looked like the Confederate flag. School officials did not want the symbol to cause any kind of <a href="" target="_blank">controversy</a> at the dance.

  • Condom Dress

    Even though it's technically not a prom dress, Jenna Smith made waves recently when she created a <a href="" target="_blank">dress</a> entirely out of condoms and condom wrappers. Jenna's goal was to spread the word about "Spreading the Love, not the Disease" -- a seven-day Aids Life Cycle Rid -- and garner support from her friends, family and community members.