04/09/2013 04:14 pm ET

Ryan O'Neal Admitted To Cheating On Farrah Fawcett In Deposition

In the midst of Ryan O'Neal's legal battle with University of Texas, came a surprising admission.

During a court-ordered deposition the 71-year-old actor admitted that his ex-girlfriend Farrah Fawcett once caught him in bed with another woman, and then cut him out of her life, reports RadarOnline.

“She boxed a few things and sent them to me… I was so surprised,” O’Neal admitted in the deposition. "I was with her for 18 years. I only got four boxes, mostly shoes and videotapes.”

His admission came out in a videotaped deposition late last year for the lawsuit filed against him by Fawcett's alma mater, which claims the actress left a one-of-a-kind Andy Warhol painting to the institution after she died in 2009, while O'Neal claims the painting belongs to him.

O'Neal had been written out of Fawcett's will, but the actress did leave $4.5 million to the former couple's only child, Redmond. The University of Texas claims that O'Neal removed the Warhol from Fawcett's Los Angeles home just days after she died, but O'Neal claims the painting was always in his possession.

O'Neal testified that after his relationship with Fawcett ended he attempted to return the painting to her, but the actress told him to keep it as it made his new girlfriend uncomfortable.

"The reason I gave it to her is because there was a new woman in my life and the painting was making her uncomfortable; that Farrah seemed to be staring down at her. And so I said, ‘Well, I can fix that.’ I took it to Farrah and said, ‘Keep this for me. I’ll be back,’ he said, saying Fawcett replied: ‘I don’t want it because I like it that she’s uncomfortable.’"

According to court documents, O’Neal said that he’s fighting to keep the painting because he believes that Fawcett would have wanted it to go to their son.

For more of Ryan O'Neal's emotional testimony, click over to RadarOnline.


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