04/10/2013 11:32 am ET

3-D Rereleases: 20 Movies We'd Like To See Receive The Treatment

It seems like a whirlwind of a year for 3-D. This past weekend's rerelease of the 1993 blockbuster "Jurassic Park" collected more than $21 million at the box office, and today marks the anniversary of the first 3-D film ever released in color: 1953's "House of Wax," starring Vincent Price.

With the rest of the year set to see a slew of hotly anticipated 3-D entries ("The Great Gatsby," "Monsters University" and "World War Z," to name a few), we can't help but wonder which other films the studios will look to reissue in this converted format. A profitable conversion takes just the right formula: plenty of nostalgia and adoration, high box office potential and a director who's willing to see his or her baby receive a slight modification. But before anything is greenlit unnecessarily, HuffPost Entertainment is here to offer guidance. Here are the 20 movies we would most like to see resurrected through the eyes of those annoying 3-D glasses.

Movies That Deserve 3-D Rereleases

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