Bouncer James Bowling Shot With Arrow At Strip Club In Tennessee

04/10/2013 01:59 pm ET | Updated Apr 10, 2013

A tough-guy bouncer at a Tennessee strip club was shot by an arrow Sunday morning and then pulled the projectile out of his shoulder, police told The Huffington Post. He has resumed work.

James Bowling, 36, was pierced as he checked his cell phone outside The Ball Gentleman's Club in Knoxville around 3:30 a.m., Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk said. Bowling is usually stationed inside the club but had just finished his shift.

While gun violence has occurred at other local strip bars, the arrow attack "is a first," DeBusk said.

Cops had no suspects as of Wednesday morning but were pursuing some leads, the spokesman added.

"My first theory would be that it was a disgruntled customer," Bowling told ABC local affiliate WATE 6 News in the segment above. (Though WATE refers to him as "Brian Bowling," the police report and other outlets identify him as "James Bowling.")

The burly Bowling, known as "Big B," described to WATE the sizzling sound of the arrow coming from the woods behind him and then feeling the arrow penetrate the back of his shoulder. The pain radiated down his leg. Bowling said he looked behind him, panicked briefly and pulled out the arrow. The bouncer credits his thick muscles for limiting the damage.

Now, he told the station, he'd like a crack at the person who made him the bull's-eye.

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