04/10/2013 07:52 am ET

'Cougar Town' Finale: Travis And Laurie Finally Share An Awkward First Kiss (VIDEO)

Tippi Hedren guest-starred in a sweet scene that saw Jules helping her father realize a life-long fantasy on the one-hour season finale of "Cougar Town." The transplanted comedy wrapped its first successful season on TBS with a family -- as in cul de sac crew family -- vacation to Hollywood.

Travis and Laurie literally spent the entire hour trying to have their first kiss, with myriad obstacles getting in their way. The final obstacle was a very excited Tom after having just seen "Bud Bundy" from "Married ... With Children." This time, though, they didn't let the interruption stop them as the fledgling couple sealed the deal with a kiss.

While The AV Club was a fan of the couple, they thought it was maybe a little rushed. "I understand why the show did what it did, especially since these episodes were filmed long before any announcement of season five was made," they wrote. "I just wanted a little more room for these two to be the center of a storyline that has gone on for three years."

TV Fanatic, on the other hand, thought the kiss came at just the right time, even if it was a little awkward. And with Season 5 secured, there's a whole new batch of episodes next season for Travis and Laurie to try and figure out how to be a couple.

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