04/10/2013 09:28 am ET

Liam Gallagher On Justin Bieber: Late Show Made Pop Star 'F--king Right In My Book'

Crotchety British pop-rocker Liam Gallagher recently found himself in the unlikely position of suddenly liking Justin Bieber.

But while your eyes are not deceiving you, it's worth noting that Gallagher isn't singing the praises of Bieber's music. Instead, it's the fact that the 19-year-old was over two hours late for his big gig at London's O2 Arena in March that most impressed the former half of Oasis.

“Anyone who goes on two hours late is f--king right in my book, man,” Gallagher told Shortlist magazine. “All these so-called rock bands that sit backstage going, ‘Hey, let’s wait 15 minutes.’ F--k that, wait two hours and 15 minutes! He’s kicked the f--king arse out of it – no one will beat that, ever. So get off his f--king back, man: I am a Belieber!”

"I’ve got his f--king back, man," Gallagher added.

The Beady Eye frontman's praise comes a few months after the first hint that Gallagher was impressed with Bieber's antics. When Bieber clashed with paparazzi, Gallagher had this to say:

It's nice to see either of the Gallagher brothers liking anything, given Liam and Noel's storied history of disliking pretty much everything (including, of course, each other). Liam did say he liked One Direction, though he deemed them to have "their heads up their asses" when he met them at the London Olympics.

As for Bieber, it can't hurt to have half of Oasis on his team. The popstar has recently made smoking weed and offering up an apology while hosting "Saturday Night Live." The O2 Arena drama was blamed on Bieber's "diva" behavior in the news, but the singer's camp denied such reports and said technical issues were to blame.

Bieber's Late Night


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