04/10/2013 11:04 am ET

Meerkats Are This Girl's Best Friend (PHOTO)

When one young woman visited a zoo in Houston, she made some furry friends.

Laura Dwyer was in town to see her mom and they took a trip to the zoo. "A plane or helicopter was flying over, and one by one all of these meerkats came over and stood on the log and watched the plane," Dwyer told HuffPost Women in an email. "I sat down and got my mom to take a few pictures of me with them. They hardly even noticed I was there -- except the one who's looking at me."

When she tried to blend in with her new animal kingdom friends, most of her new meerkat BFFs accepted her as one of their own, but one was adorably skeptical. Her friend, redditor yougotafrientinme posted the photo -- and our day is all the better for it.

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[H/T Redditor yougotafrientinme]


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