04/10/2013 08:20 am ET

'The Mindy Project': Mindy And Danny Hold Hands On The Airplane - Because Of Turbulence (VIDEO)

There's an obvious will-they-won't-they at the heart of "The Mindy Project" between Mindy and Danny. But the show appears to be in no hurry to push things forward. They did offer fans a fun tease -- and a meaningful look from Mindy -- during this week's episode. It happened when the pair were on a flight back home after a trip that tried to offer Mindy closure with her ex-boyfriend.

While the trip was a failure -- he admitted he'd been on heroin and had been an even worse boyfriend than she knew -- the flight home provided some turbulence, and some panicked hand-holding. Mindy clutched Danny's hand, and then he returned the favor when a second jolt rocked the aircraft.

The pair had no time to process what may or may not have happened, though. As soon as they returned to the office, they were greeted by the sight of Danny's ex-wife, Christina (Chloe Sevigny). The AV Club was glad to see Christina's arrival as it gives more time to flesh out the dynamic between Danny and Mindy.

"The ground simply hasn’t been laid well enough there," they wrote. "There’s too much emphasis on them as frenemies, not enough on their sexual chemistry, which remains a much vaguer concept, handholding on the plane or not.", on the other hand, is ready to see the couple get together much sooner. They were positively swooning over the airplane moment.

"The Mindy Project" returns with new episodes on Tuesday, April 30 at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox to wrap up its freshman season.

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