04/10/2013 05:38 am ET | Updated Apr 10, 2013

'The Voice': Shakira Puts Her Leg Up To Try And Steal Luke Edgemon From Usher (VIDEO)

Shakira borrowed a move from Usher's playbook to steal the last contestant on her team as the blind auditions of "The Voice" wrapped. Going into the night, each coach only had one slot remaining. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton filled their teams first, leaving new coaches Shakira and Usher to duke it out.

When Luke Edgemon got both of them to turn their chairs, the battle was on. The coaches had been teasing Usher throughout the blind auditions for his cool demeanor, and the fact that he props one foot on the seat next to him, draping his arm over that knee. So Shakira mimicked the move, raising her own leg onto her chair.

The move worked, as Luke joined Team Shakira, rounding out her Top 12. Hollywood Life said the "bloodbath" was worth it, dubbing Luke a "total frontrunner." Buddy TV agreed, saying that Shakira needed a strong singer to round out her otherwise lackluster team.

Usher was okay with it later, though, as he was the only person available to snatch up powerhouse singer Jessica Childress.

And that's it for the blind auditions. Next week, the battle rounds begin. Half of the contestants will fall to their own teammates as "The Voice" continues on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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