Fat Heart: A Visual Reminder Of Why Fat Isn't A Bad Word (PHOTO)

04/11/2013 08:20 am ET

We're bombarded every day with the idea that fat is bad -- weight loss commercials, magazine covers, those annoying little pop-up spam ads that tell me I can lose all my belly fat by tomorrow -- so we were really, really heartened (excuse the pun) to see this photo extolling the virtues of a fat heart.

I love that it's a dual reminder that fat is not a bad word and that we all have a lot to gain -- a smile! -- from having compassionate, kind, overflowing, FAT hearts.

As Rebel Wilson's character Fat Amy put it in Pitch Perfect: "You're all pretty thin, but I like to think you have fat hearts, and that's what's important."

LOOK: Have A Fat Heart

fat heart

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