04/11/2013 06:02 am ET | Updated Apr 11, 2013

Jason Bateman Explains What's Different About 'Arrested Development' Season 4 On 'Kimmel' (VIDEO)

Jason Bateman dropped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" with some words of preparation for the new season of "Arrested Development." Based on what he said, calling it a season may not even be completely accurate. He explained that the episodes won't be anything like the first three seasons on Fox.

Instead, they play out like the first act of a movie. "Each character gets their own episode, and all the action happens at the same time," Bateman said. "So it can only really work on Netflix, where these episodes are released on the same day. So, like, you can stop my episode if you see G.O.B. run by on his Segway, you can stop mine, click over into his, watch where he’s going."

He explained to Splitsider that it's intentional, as they do plan to come back together and make a movie to follow up on the events of these episodes. "Unfortunately, there's probably gonna be about a year, maybe a year-and-a-half gap between the two, so you'll end up having to watch these episodes again," Bateman said. "It wasn't perfectly scheduled, but we were just happy to get together as soon as we could."

Fans only have to wait until May 26 to start binge-watching Season 4 of "Arrested Development." All 15 episodes become available on Netflix that day. Until then, they can enjoy these teaser character posters just released to whet their appetites.

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