04/11/2013 01:05 pm ET

Kobe Bryant On Mike Rice Scandal: 'I Would Have Smacked the Hell Out Of Him' (VIDEO)

Mike Rice is lucky that none of the players he coached at Rutgers thought like Kobe Bryant.

Bryant was asked on Wednesday how he would have reacted if the fired coach ever threw a basketball at him during a practice.

"I would have smacked the hell out of him," Bryant said on The Jim Rome Show. "No question about it. No question about it. It probably wouldn't have been the best way to react to it, but that's how I would have reacted to it."

When Rome followed up asking if the five-time NBA champion would have reacted that way when he was 18 years old, Bryant said "no question" again and noted that he was "going at it with Shaq" a year later.

After Bryant saw the video ESPN Outside The Lines aired of Rice physically and verbally abusing his players during practice, he posted his reaction on Twitter.

It seems as if Bryant may have a consistent way of handling contentious situations. This is what he had to say when asked during the season about a low blow that Serge Ibaka delivered to Blake Griffin:

"I probably would have smacked him in the mouth."


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