Waking up early is hard. Why leave our warm, cozy beds just so we can go running or shower or be somewhere on time? Based on these alarms alone, clearly we all struggle with that question every morning.

Fortunately, we have a plan. Whether it's a cleverly designed standalone clock or simply an iPhone tricked out with multiple, meaningfully-titled wake-up times, the 21 valiant efforts below are our last, best hope at getting our lazy butts up and out.

But, in the end, does it really matter if we're successful? The point is we tried... now let's get some sleep. We've earned it.

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  • Waffles? Anyone?

    Apparently you don't like waffles.

  • You Snooze You Lose

    That's one way to stop you from taking that extra 9 minutes that doesn't do you any good anyway.

  • The Tough Love Alarm

    Someone has to say it.

  • The Rick Astley Alarm

    Helping you wake up with hope and love.

  • The Flying Alarm Clock

    The alarm that soars as high as your temper.

  • The Alarm Of Anticipation

    Eases you into the morning with a bang.

  • The Lazy Alarm

    It just gets you.

  • The Alarm That Runs Away From You?

    Genius... by the time you catch it you're probably awake.

  • The Positive Alarm

    Quickly becomes the alarm of horror.

  • The Questioning Alarm

    Shut up, alarm clock, you're not my mom!

  • My How The Tables Have Turned

    This alarm knows you need to take matters into your own hands.

  • Optimistic Alarm

    At least you get to sleep later.

  • The Realistic Alarm

    It knows you'll never get up that early, but it tries.

  • The Shredder

    Now, that's positive motivation!

  • The Pessimistic Alarm

    It's never a good morning.

  • The Aggressive Alarm

    Wake up to doubt and suspicion.

  • The Encouraging Alarm

    That you always let down.

  • The Begging Alarm

    Will you ever listen to it's pleading?!

  • One Alarm To Wake Them All

    And in the darkness rouse them.

  • The Negative Alarm

    Beauty sleep is more important than any beauty ritual.

  • LMFAO Alarm

    For your party rock anthem.

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