04/11/2013 02:25 pm ET

Mr. Tang, Man In China, Climbs 3 Stories To Save Child From Fire (VIDEO)

A man climbed three stories on the outside of an apartment building in Suqian, China, risking life and limb to rescue a child from a raging fire, reports KTSF 26.

The Spiderman-esque hero, who was identified only as Mr. Tang, was walking to work when he saw smoke billowing from a third story apartment. He climbed up once to see if anyone was inside and, upon hearing the voice of a girl within, descended to get an axe and rope and climbed up again, according to ABC7 KGO.

After fashioning a harness for the girl, Mr. Tang lowered her to others waiting below. The child had been locked in the apartment while her parents were at work and did not have a key.

The incident was caught live on CCTV. After completing his feat, Mr. Tang told the network, "I was nervous only after I climbed down. Without thinking too much, saving the girl’s life is the most important thing."


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