'My Crazy Obsession': Woman Matches Her Hairstyle And Clothing With Her Barbies (VIDEO)

04/11/2013 07:56 am ET

Texas mom Rebecca Chulew was spotlighted on the latest episode of "My Crazy Obsession." She was featured on the show because of her love for Barbie. She's been an avid collector of the Barbie line for the past 28 years. But it's more than just amassing a collection that pushes it into the realm of a "crazy obsession."

Rebecca has a room in her house devoted to her Barbie collection, which is worth more than $80,000. She feels a deep and personal connection to the dolls, and even takes them with her to the beauty salon once a week. There, she gets matching hairstyles and commissions custom outfits to match her Barbies. All of this costs as much as $300. She even has one doll that she pretends is her deceased mother.

"One of my missions in life is to rescue Barbies and save them from landfills and trash cans. It really hurts me to think about Barbies being wasted or thrown away," Rebecca said. "I have found, cleaned-up and rescued over 8,800 Barbie dolls."

Rebecca says she can't feel truly connected to the new additions to her collection until they've been cleaned together in her bathtub. All of this proved too much to Radar Online, who couldn't understand how an adult's life could be so completely consumed by Barbies.

Producers obviously couldn't either, which is why they put her on the show. See more crazy obsessions on "My Crazy Obsession," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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