04/11/2013 10:24 am ET | Updated Apr 12, 2013

Nicolas Maduro And Willie Colon Controversy: Venezuelan Leader Calls For Independence Of Puerto Rico (VIDEO)

The controversy surrounding salsa musician Willy Colón regarding the ongoing political situation in Venezuela keeps growing after the artist produced a new song for the opposition party against the current interim president Nicolas Maduro.

In recent months the Puerto Rican musician has been tweetingmessages against the Venezuelan’s chavista movement since before the death of former president Hugo Chavez. Now he seems to be working as an ally to opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles for the upcoming elections on April 14.

With phrases like "Fresh lies he spoke again on television," and "Take out the power from that bunch of irresponsible people," the also music producer, is clearly in disagreement with the Venezuelan government.

Meanwhile, in a speech Maduro responded to the artist by dedicating the song "La lengua" (“The Tongue”) of Eddie Palmieri and alleging that the musician is just someone who has been colonized by the U.S., Telemundo reports.

"Why do you fall into decay so early, if we love you so much?... As a musician we admired you. Why did you have to fall into the mud? Please, why if you are a Puerto Rican, you kiss the hand of the imperial master, who has subjected your country to be a colony?," Maduro said.

In his speech the Venezuelan leader also called for political independence for Puerto Rico.

"Long live a free Puerto Rico. Sooner or later, Puerto Rico will be an independent republic ... that will be our revenge of love: that they stop being a gringo colony," said Maduro.

In an interview with Puerto Rican daily Primera Hora, Cólon defended his position and made it clear that although he is not Venezuelan, he has rights to express his opinion.

"Fidel is not Venezuelan, neither are Oliver Stone or Sean Penn, who said that whoever calls [Fidel] Castro a dictator should go to jail," said the salsa artist. "They are liberals, they go to Cuba and hug the governors, but then they take their private planes and when they get to their countries, they go back to live in their mansions with all their luxuries."

He also assured that he is not afraid, not even because of the multiple threats against his life he has received during the last couple of weeks.

"I have no fear. I have more than 500 death threats and I have everything written down, but I do not really care, the majority [of people] are with me," said Colón to Primera Hora. "To Venezuelans I say, go vote for Capriles."

This is not the first time that Colón faces a public figure because of his political ideals. Last month the artist was part of a serious cyber dispute after Calle 13's vocalist René Pérez criticized him for allegedly celebrating Chave’z death and "mocking a cancer patient."


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