The Most Interesting Man In The World Returns: Dos Equis Mascot Has Even More Tales (VIDEO)

04/11/2013 11:20 am ET | Updated Apr 11, 2013

Since we were first introduced to The Most Interesting Man in the World in 2006, he's been a source of inspiration and jealousy for pretty much anyone with a television or access to an Internet connection. Around the time America faced the difficult fact that Chuck Norris is a little more Tea Party-friendly than his outsized Internet persona would suggest, we found a new legend to follow in the footsteps of Will Ferrell's hero Bill Brasky from "SNL."

Since then, the mascot has sparked an Internet meme and over 40 fake Twitter accounts, proving that the Internet doesn't always embrace ad campaigns, but when it does, it's because it's hilarious.

Dos Equis' mascot enters his seventh year of regaling us with tales of bravery, heroism and women. HuffPost Comedy is excited to be the first to bring you the first two spots of a new round of Interesting Man stories. Check out the clip above to see the Most Interesting Man travel across the world, and below, invent a product that we couldn't live without today.


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