04/11/2013 02:08 pm ET | Updated Apr 11, 2013

Top 5 Ways To Annoy Your Co-Workers

Most of us spend the majority of our time at work, interacting with dozens of people on a regular basis. And while a pleasant office can make the hours pass by faster, nothing can ruin a day like an annoying co-worker. Helene Cohen Bludman, founder of the blog 'Books Is Wonderful', joined HuffPost Live to discuss her blog post on the most annoying things people do at the office. Here are the top 5:

1. Taking credit for someone else's work: Sharing ideas with co-workers in casual conversations or on coffee breaks can be a great informal sounding board. But it can be extremely annoying when, as Helene Cohen Bludman, , explains, "Next thing you know, at a staff meeting, this person presents the idea as his or her own. How unfair is that?"

2. Sending nasty emails to co-workers: Sending co-workers aggressively critical or nasty emails is never appreciated.

3. A passive-aggressive attitude at work: As Chris Aung-Thwin, an editor at says, "One of the worst things that happens in offices is that people don't speak up when there is an annoying behavior, and then it kind of festers because you just sit there annoyed for days or weeks. And the other person just keeps going along with their business and they keep being annoying. And after 3 weeks you just suddenly blow up because they're sitting at your desk eating a sandwich and you're 'What're you doing?' and they have no idea why you're so mad."

4. No sense of email etiquette: Replying all can quickly turn from friendly to spammy.

5. Calling meetings to hear yourself speak: While unnecessary emails are irksome, unnecessary meetings are just as bad, and can leave co-workers frustrated because of wasted time.

What to do when faced with an annoying co-worker? Aung-Thwin suggests being honest with him or her. "I think some people just don't know any better. Some people are just jerks and they get away with a lot at work because nobody tells them that 'hey, you're actually just being a jerk.'"

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