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Farrah Abraham's Father Calls Porn Star James Deen 'Abusive' For Not Lying About Sex Tape

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Farrah Abraham/Twitter
Farrah Abraham/Twitter

Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham's attempt to pass off the porn video she made with adult film star James Deen was foiled after Deen decided he didn't want to lie about the video's origins.

And for some reason, his decision to come clean has Abraham's devout Christian father, Michael Abraham, slamming the 27-year-old porn star as " very abusive."

Farrah's father told RadarOnline, that Deen broke a non-disclosure agreement, which should have prevented him from talking about the porno he was paid to make with the reality star.

"I think there is no disregard for the individual, Farrah, or her family. I do not know the individual personally, but based on information I do know, he is exhibiting very abusive behavior," Farrah's father Michael told the website. "If somebody wants to do something in private, in that it is not to be made public, it should be respected. Let’s be adults about this.”

We're not sure "abusive" is the right word to describe Deen's behavior, since all he did was blow the lid off of Abraham's sad attempt to garner publicity from a leaked sex tape.

And Deen claims he never signed a non-disclosure agreement, telling WetPaint, "I can say whatever I want to, it's not like I have any legal restrictions in any way, shape, or form. The reason why I haven't told everyone everything is that I have respect for other people."

The porn star also made a good point when he told the website that if the tape "leaked" as planned, people would likely have suspected something wasn't quite right, when they realized Abraham's co-star was one of the biggest stars in the adult industry today.

"We shot a porno and that's the end of it. I'm not going to say I'm dating someone I'm not dating," he told WetPaint.

And while there have been reports that the leaked sex tape was Abraham's idea, Deen did take the time to defend what now seems like a desperate ploy for attention on her part:

"I don't think she sat at home and was like, 'I think I know what I'm gonna do!' I don't think she was planning on it. I think she was booked for a scene. She signed a model release and she got paid. I don't think she was aspiring to create this sex tape. I think it was something that was presented to her. But I really have no idea what happened on her end," he said.

As for Abraham, she told TMZ that she made the tape so she would have something to look back on when she's old, and she recently tweeted:

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