04/12/2013 06:05 am ET

'Go On' Finale: Ryan Gets Some Closure, Finds The Perfect Spot To Spread His Wife's Ashes (VIDEO)

Matthew Perry's "Go On" wrapped its inaugural season by airing behind "The Office" for the second week in a row. Is this a sign of confidence from the network? As it hasn't been picked up yet for a second season, one can only speculate for now.

One thing that was clear, though, was that the group therapy sessions were working for the characters. It took a long way to get there -- with an unexpected stop at a roadside gas station -- but Ryan was finally read to start moving on from the loss of his wife. Despite her own struggles, group leader Lauren was able to help steer him into realizing that keeping it simple is what his wife wanted in life, and it's what she would want in death.

On the day of their wedding, Ryan had taken her to the batting cages to help calm her. He'd blown it by making the wedding a huge event. To avoid blowing it, he took her ashes -- what was left after that gas station mishap -- to that same batting cage and spread them there.

His growth inspired others in the group to dump some of their own baggage, as they stood around a bonfire together. "When I first met you guys, I thought you were just a bunch of weirdos," Ryan told them. "And now you’re the most important people in the world to me. This group works."

TVEquals loved seeing the group get some closure in this finale, but Zap2It was hopeful it wouldn't be closure for the series. They wrote that "‘Go On’ -- which averages 6.2 million ... is still NBC's most-watched comedy ... with ‘The Office’ going away and the rest of the network's comedies also in limbo, it makes some business sense to bring ‘Go On’ back."

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