Movie Genres By City: Which City Cries The Most? (INFOGRAPHIC)

04/12/2013 10:06 am ET

There's an old adage that some things just won't play in Peoria. According to new data from Moviepass, published exclusively on HuffPost Entertainment, what plays in Peoria, Ill. also might not work in Austin. Or Sacramento. Or New York.

According to Moviepass, New Yorkers watch dramas 20 percent more than other cities; San Diego viewers consume more animated films than anyone else; Dallas residents view the most romantic comedies; and Bostonians love themselves some big screen musicals.

For some specific examples, note that "Les Miserables" was viewed by Sacramento residents 100 percent more than those in Los Angeles; that people who live in Las Vegas really liked "Gangster Squad," at least when compared to Austin residents (a 120 percent difference); and that Orlando ticketbuyers spent a whole lot more on "Wreck-It Ralph" than moviegoers in Austin (285 percent)*.

These trends apply to stars, too. In February, when Melissa McCarthy led "Identity Thief" to what was then the biggest opening weekend of 2013, the actress's Midwestern fan base was cited as a key factor in the film's success.

"She’s a huge star, and has become an absolute darling particularly in middle America, where the film did very strong business," Nikki Rocco, president of domestic distribution for Universal, told The Los Angeles Times.

Check out an infographic of which cities love which genres below:

* Based on data collected on Moviepass members over the course of 4 months (October 2012 to February 2013). All figures approximate.

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