04/12/2013 12:30 pm ET

Emilio Estefan Thinks Selena Gomez Could Play Wife Gloria In Broadway Musical

By Ikam Acosta


Emlio Estefan refuses to give out too many casting details about his upcoming Broadway musical, since it would be way too immature.

The musician turned director did admit, however, that Selena Gomez would be a great candidate for the part of his wife.

Estefan shared,

“Quisiera que fuese gente nueva. Hay tantas niñas en este momento que se parecen a Gloria. Selena Gómez sería perfecta para hacer la parte de Gloria, se parece mas o menos. Lo difícil va a ser consequir uno feo igual que yo.”

"I hope it'd be someone fresh. There are so many girls that look like Gloria right now. Selena Gómez would be perfect for the role of Gloria, she has some resemblance. The difficult part will be to find someone as ugly as me."

While Emilio doesn’t rule out the possibility of having our Tr3s favorite Cuban William Levy play his role, he thinks Levy is way too handsome for the part.

Estefan is excited about the musical, saying it will be telling a story of two ordinary people realizing the American Dream. And for the first time, it won’t be a work of fiction for a Broadway play– it will be their lives.

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