04/12/2013 12:07 pm ET

Taylor Family's Christmas Surprise For Adopted Daughter Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

Some surprises are so good, they're still incredibly moving months -- or even years -- later. This is one of them.

The clip above, which shows an 11-year-old girl unwrapping a Christmas present to reveal the 18-year-old foster sister she "hadn't seen for years," was uploaded to YouTube on Christmas Eve, 2009. And on Thursday, the girls' brother (Picklwarrior on Reddit) shared the clip with the social network as a "feel good video fo the day."

Other members of the Taylor family use the same Reddit account to discuss adoption-related issues on the social network. In this instance, the video doesn't tell the whole story, Picklwarrior wrote, explaining that his parents ultimately adopted the older sister too:

We knew that her foster sister was going to be aging out of the foster care system, and anybody can be adopted as an adult. ... That box had been sitting in the living room for about a month to build the anticipation for the day that the younger sister was able to open it. We flew her foster sister out that morning and got the kids all distracted and set up the whole thing. A month or so later we travelled back out of state to finalize the adoption of her foster sister.

Picklwarrior adds that the Taylor family now consists of 15 kids, including two biological children. Asked by another Reddit user why the family had adopted so many children, Picklwarrior replied simply: "Because kids need homes, and not enough other people will take them so we do."


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