04/12/2013 06:02 am ET

'The Moment' Premiere: Kurt Warner Helps Woman Achieve Dream Of Being A Sports Photographer (VIDEO)

Just like he got to live his dream of winning a Super Bowl, Kurt Warner is helping others achieve their dreams on "The Moment." The reality show tries to help people prepare to go for their dream job. In the premiere episode, Tracie Marcum revealed that she'd always wanted to be a sports photographer.

Warner helped her out by giving her two weeks of intensive training in Los Angeles before sending her to SI for an interview. He then was able to bring her the big news. "They decided to offer you a position," he told her.

"This is the moment of my life that I’ve been waiting years to get," Tracie said.

While it may seem quick that Tracie got her dream job after only two weeks of training, Warner told The Hollywood Reporter that the show isn't about giving out "free passes." He explained, "We're opening the door, but it all comes down to the individual, what they are willing to sacrifice, whether they will allow certain obstacles to stop them."

It also proved to be a show with a lot of tearful moments. Gossip and Gab wrote that it "is bound and determined to bring me to tears many times tonight, but I am prepared with Kleenex in hand."

See more people go for their dreams on "The Moment," Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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