Tiny Rescued Kittens Huddle Together For Warmth (PHOTOS)

04/12/2013 07:57 pm ET
Facebook/Tonis Kitten Rescue

We think we just found the cutest cats in the world.

"Welcome to the world little guy!" reads a Monday post on the Facebook page of San Francisco's Toni's Kitty Rescue. "They like to be wrapped around one another for warmth and comfort."

tonis kitty rescue

The kittens, who don't have names yet, are in good hands. Toni Sestak founded the kitten rescue in 2004, when a dedicated group of volunteers began providing foster care for sick, orphaned kittens that were too young to be considered adoptable.

tonis kitten rescue

As of December 2012, Toni's Kitty Rescue has saved the lives of 776 kittens and cats.

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