04/13/2013 12:55 pm ET

Baby Hawk Hatches At NYU, Hawk Cam Catches Bird Birth

By Jesse Lent, DNAinfo

WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK — A baby hawk was born at NYU on Friday, in its nest outside college President John Sexton's 12th floor office window, overlooking Washington Square Park.

The baby red-tailed hawk, named Kiku Bobst by online fans, became a celebrity the moment it hatched, thanks to a camera pointed at the nest and broadcast around the clock on an online channel at the website Livestream, called Hawk Cam.

“Baby Hawk in the Nest,” New York Times reporter Emily Rueb tweeted shortly after Kiku was born. “One in the nest, 2 eggs to go!”

“Stay warm little ones!” wrote Abigail Wahl

A few minutes before 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, the Hawk Cam chatroom was buzzing as the baby hawk emerged from beneath her mother, who fans have named Rosie, and began feeding.

“Breakfast!” wrote user AmazedTR.

“Amazed, I am pretty sure she has been eating each hour or so,” Sandz wrote.

“Isn't this wonderful?” wrote khpipwatcher.

The Hawk Cam was originally set up by the New York Times in order to observe the birds in an urban environment.

When the newspaper announced they would not be continuing the tradition, NYU opted to take on the project, borrowing the necessary equipment from the Times.

“We are very fortunate to have such opportunity to witness up-close particular hawk behavior otherwise impossible and how different their behavior is to the country hawk, how intelligent they are,” said frequent Hawk Cam watcher Wingedthings.

Watch video of the hawk being fed here at Livestream.