Bacon And Eggs Pillow And Sleep Mask

04/16/2013 09:25 am ET

If we had to pick one way to sleep, it would definitely be on a fried egg pillow with a bacon sleep mask. One thing we know for sure, we'd be having the sweetest of dreams. Bacon and egg sleepwear is definitely not the first we've seen in food-themed sleepwear -- there's also the chocolate bar bedding and the pizza slice sleeping bag just to name a few of our favorites -- but it's one we can't imagine waking up without.

This breakfast-themed pillow was brought to us by the German company Aufschnitt, who's also responsible for a variety of sausage pillows and maybe the best neck pillow we've ever come across. You can get the fried egg pillow for $44 and the bacon mask for $28, making it probably the most you've ever spent on bacon and eggs.

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