04/15/2013 02:22 pm ET

Getting Dressed In The 90s Was As Easy As 1-2-3 (PHOTOS)

Getting dressed for school has always been a stressful endeavor, particularly when you were in grade school and being judged by your peers was scarier than a pop spelling quiz.

Luckily, having a "uniform" of sorts minimizes the anxiety that goes into the process. And in the '90s -- say, 1998 -- the uniform was pretty easy to follow. Getting dressed for school went a little like this:

1. Slip on your Hanes undies. Yes, your underwear still came in packs. The days of Victoria's Secret five-for-$26 (and sneaking thongs past your mom) were just on the horizon.

hanes undies

2. Pick your favorite cami. Preferably one with a discrete "LTD2" logo on the bottom hem.


3. Decide on a pair of flared jeans, disregarding all the straight-leg ones your mom bought you two years ago.

flared denim

4. Tell the world exactly how you feel with a logo tee -- are you feeling sassy or, well, more sassy?

logo tee

5. Top it off with a jean jacket.

jean jacket

6. Or a duster.


7. Slip on those Skechers (no need to tie them!).


8. Secure your unmanageable hair with some funky clips...

butterfly clip

9. ... or, if you're really cool, a stretchy plastic headband.

stretchy headbands

10. Toss your books in your inflatable bag (make sure your Trapper Keeper doesn't pierce it and deflate it!)

inflatable bag

11. If you still feel bad about your fashion choices after showing up to school, hit up a Limited Too on the way home. (Make sure to get a $20 from your mom first!)

limited too

What did you wear in the '90s? Reminisce in the comments.

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