04/15/2013 06:41 am ET | Updated Apr 15, 2013

'The Amazing Race': Cheese Penalty Costs Chuck And Wynona The Race (VIDEO)

Chuck and Wynona's marital spats continued in the latest leg of "The Amazing Race." This time, they found themselves in Switzerland, where they came face-to-face with one of the most infamous challenges in "Race" history: Transporting heavy blocks of cheese down a hillside. This time, the challenge had the added fun of snow!

Chuck and Wynona found themselves squaring off against YouTubers Joey and Meghan in the challenge, as the other teams had picked up an earlier train and already finished. So it was a battle for last place, and it was a battle that went back and forth several times.

Joey and Meghan finished the task first, while Wynona struggled to even ascend the mountain. When she and Chuck started down, they decided to just roll the blocks of cheese, as they traveled faster that way. They somehow managed to pass the YouTube team on their way to the mat, but a 5th place finish turned out to just be the start of bad news.

The task directions said they had to "properly" transport the cheese, and rolling it down the hill didn't quality. While they waited out a 30-minute penalty, Joey and Meghan made their way to the mat. And so, the married couple had to say goodbye. Buddy TV felt bad for them, and hoped that the race didn't do damage to their marriage.

HitFix thought the penalty was unfair. They said that the last time the "Race" explored this challenge, teams were allowed to roll the cheese down the hill. Their reviewer said, "To me, either they shouldn't have been penalized at all, or they should have been sent back to do it properly. Anything in-between is dumb."

Five teams remain as "The Amazing Race" continues on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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