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'Awkward' Season 3: Ashley Rickards On Jenna And Matty And The Challenges Of Junior Year

"Awkward" Season 3 premieres on MTV this Tuesday (April 16 at 10 p.m. ET) and The Huffington Post caught up with star Ashley Rickards (the long-suffering Jenna Hamilton) to find out what junior year has in store for the quick-witted, fast-talking teens of Palos Hills High.

Last season, Jenna had the enviable task of choosing between Jake (Brett Davern) or Matty (Beau Mirchoff) as both boys vied for her affection -- ending the season back together with Matty, her summer camp hook-up and the guy she lost her virginity to. Now, as we return from another steamy summer, are they still together? And was Jake's school trip in Europe with Jenna's BFF, Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed), a dream or a nightmare? Rickards gave us a preview of what we can expect below, and we'll have more intel from the rest of the cast on Tuesday before the premiere.

How is Jenna feeling about beginning her junior year?
I think this year, Jenna’s feeling the changes. I think it’s a frequent phenomenon, when you fall in love with somebody you also fall off the radar with all of your friends. Jenna is now having to figure that out, navigate it and really see if her friends are still there after returning from reliving [summer camp] with Matty, very in love. Tamara was off with Jake; a lot of things have changed. Junior year is a life change for her and she’s nervous and excited.

What will we see from her friendship with Tamara, given that Tamara spent the summer with Jake? Jenna gave them her blessing in the Season 2 finale, but it still must be weird for your best friend and your ex to have been hooking up ...
I would say that they are pretty solid. But relationships are only as solid as [those] two people, so there are ebbs and flows. I wish I could tell you what causes those ebbs and flows because those are what are going to be really interesting this year.

We know that Jenna is going to enroll in a creative writing class taught by the supposedly "sadistic" Mr. Hart (Anthony Michael Hall). What can you preview about his character?
The crazy Mr. Hart class is hilarious. Anthony Michael Hall is not only funny, but he’s also portraying a very, very important role in junior year. He is going to push Jenna out of her comfort zone and really push her to the theme of the season. Season 1 was, ‘OK, I can be enough. I can be someone.’ Season 2 was, 'Well, who do I want to be this someone with?’ Season 3 is like, ‘Is this who I want be?’ Because there’s a lot of things in her life that are changing. Circumstances are going to allow Jenna to do some crazy things and Mr. Hart will be there to push her.

Is Sadie [Molly Tarlov] still as antagonistic towards her as ever?
Sadie does not change. She still hates me and that’s unfortunate. And the funny thing is, Molly is such a sweet person in real life that it’s almost funnier knowing her and watching her play that role than not knowing her and watching her play that role purely because [of] ... how sweet she is.

Are you looking forward to "Awkward" Season 3? Check back here for even more scoop from the cast after Tuesday's premiere.

"Awkward" Season 3 premieres on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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