Vintage Fondue Pots: The Best On Etsy (PHOTOS)

04/15/2013 08:47 am ET
Etsy: SongbyrdVintage

If there's one retro dining trend that we're happy has not gone out of style (here's a list of ones we're ever so grateful have), cheese fondue is it. We are forever thankful to the Swiss for bestowing this awesome dining option on the world. Because what could possibly be better than a pot of melted cheese with a basket full of bread for dipping?

In honor of National Cheese Fondue Day, which just passed, we've put together a round-up of the best fondue pots that can be found on Etsy. Because if you're going to eat fondue, which all of us should be doing, it should definitely be done in style.

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Fondue Pots

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