04/15/2013 04:34 pm ET

Grand National 'Flash Mob' In Liverpool: Race Revelers Sing And Dance At Train Station (VIDEO)

Coordinated flash mobs may have lost a bit of their luster after they became the go-to wedding proposal of 2011, but this video of an impromptu group sing-along that broke out among people returning from the Grand National horse race in Liverpool sure makes us want to dance.

And assuming it's not a marketing ploy, we kind of wish we'd been there.

According to the YouTube user who posted the video, much of the group was arriving at Liverpool Central train station from the horse race. (The Nantucket red pants and navy blazers are a dead giveaway.) As the racegoers made their way through the station, an acoustic duo called the Rag Tag Misfits were performing a cover of the Stereophonics song "Dakota (You Made Me Feel Like The One)."

At first, about a dozen people hop around singing along with the band. But by the 1:30 mark in the video, the idea has caught on, and plenty more join in singing, clapping and bouncing up and down to the music.

As the YouTube poster -- who has uploaded videos of the band before -- explained in the video description, "Okay, it's not technically a real flash mob because it wasn't planned, but it was better than that. A spontaneous moment of singing, dancing, joy and laughter."


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