04/15/2013 02:50 pm ET

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin Met Because Of Dating Rumors

It's hard to remember a time before Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were an item, now that the Goop maven and Coldplay frontman have been together for a decade.

"We are growing into very similar people," Paltrow recently told Harper's Bazaar. "It’s cool, it’s good. It’s not always easy, though!”

But it turns out that the couple owes their initial meeting to an unlikely source: tabloid rumors.

“It’s funny because people had started writing that we were going out and we had never even met," Paltrow told U.K. paper The Sun while promoting her new flick, "Iron Man 3." “And then he was in Los Angeles doing a concert and an actress that he had a crush on was supposed to come to the concert. When she didn’t show up, he was so annoyed that he said, ‘Oh, this is for my girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow.’"

She continued, “Then people were saying, ‘What’s going on?’ I was like, ‘I’ve never met this guy, I’ve no idea!’ And because of that, because people were writing about it, we ended up meeting at a concert and there you go. So, thank you!”

At another Coldplay show in London, Martin's assistant approached Paltrow and asked her to meet the rocker backstage, and the rest is history. The pair tied the knot in 2003, and subsequently became parents to daughter Apple, 8, and son Moses, 7.

Paltrow made another surprising revelation last week: She turns to none other than Jay-Z for life advice.

“I don’t hold on to fear as much as I used to, because I’ve learned a lot about genuinely not caring what strangers think about me,” she told Harper's Bazaar in the magazine's May issue. “It’s very liberating. It’s very empowering, and I’ve learned a lot of that from Jay-—Shawn Carter—Z, because his approach to life is very internal. It’s a very good lesson to learn.”


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