Well isn't this awesome. Sunday Redditor GiveMeBackMySon posted the following photo with the caption, "My sister's on a date. She sent me this from his bathroom."


As Jessica Misener at Buzzfeed noted, the "j/k" at the end is pretty important here. But since the camera thing is a joke (or so he says...), congrats to the recipient on dating someone smart with a pretty decent sense of humor. Just me, or does this feel like the kind of prank played by a boy who in his own way reeeaally likes you?

[H/T Buzzfeed]

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  • Photos Of Him & His Family

  • Good Books (And A Nice Bookshelf)

    "Nothing <em>too</em> pristine or organized, that means he's trying too hard to be intellectual when he's not."

  • A Big Bed (i.e. Not A Twin Bed)

    "His bed. If it's too small, I can't work with that." "Also, an actual bed (not just mattress) with actual sheets and an actual comforter. I wish that that could go without being said."

  • A Subscription To 'The New Yorker'

    "I really like a good <em>New Yorker</em>. Bonus points if it has his name on it indicating a subscription."

  • A Nice Coffee Machine

  • Healthy Food In The Fridge

    "... Or food in the fridge at all." "At least four fresh fruits or vegetables."

  • Clean, Fluffy Towels

  • 'Jeopardy!' On DVR

  • Triple-Ply Toilet Paper

  • A Plant (That's Still Alive)

  • Big Windows

    "Actually ... say 'lots of natural light.'"

  • A Bathroom Sink Sans Hair From Shaving

    "No little hairs in the sink and a hand towel that looks like it gets washed on a regular basis! I would marry that man if he exists!"

  • No Roommates

  • A Guitar

  • A Great DVD Collection

  • A Nice Wine Selection

  • A Book On The Nightstand

    "... but minus points for self help -- that's what Kindles are for!"

  • A Nice Bathroom (Specifically A Nice Shower)

    "Something that gives a sense of personality. A subscription to something random like <em>Discover</em>, a shotglass shaped like a pineapple, a poster from a concert they went to in high school, a plant ... never mind, just the shower." "I mean ... a stand up shower couldn't hurt ..."

  • Mac Laptop And/Or iPad

  • Clean Sheets

    "Not scuzzy sheets."

  • An Impressive Sneaker Collection

    "Impressive sneaker collection that is dominated mostly by Nike ... not a joke."

  • Cheese (That's Not American Cheese)

  • Good Beer In The Fridge

  • Seltzer

  • Good Cookware

  • A Copy Of 'The Bell Jar'

    (She wasn't kidding.)

  • Art On The Walls (No Blank White Walls)

    "A piece of art that isn't a framed album cover." "No stupid Warhol prints thankyouverymuch."

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