'Bates Motel: Norman Bails His Mother Out Of Jail And Rescues A Sex Slave (VIDEO)

04/16/2013 06:42 am ET | Updated Apr 16, 2013

Things took a few unexpected turns on the latest episode of "Bates Motel." Because Norman was hooking up with that girl from his school on the night Norma got arrested, she started shutting both of her sons out of her life. Nevertheless, Norman was ever the devote son, using the deed to the motel to post her bail.

Getting nowhere trying to reconnect with his mother, Norman instead got together with Emma. The two of them did some detective work and deduced that Deputy Shelby had a boat. There, they found that Asian sex slave Norman had earlier seen in Shelby's basement.

They rescued her and brought her back to the motel, where Norma stormed in on them. Even after the woman was insisting that she was being used as a sex slave, Norma didn't want to believe it. Shelby had just made the evidence disappear thus making the case against her basically disappear. How could that guy also be this guy?

But when she showed the woman a picture of Shelby, she insisted that it was him. While Norma was shocked and confused in that moment, Mania wrote they were confused the whole episode. "I think [Norma] takes the sudden appearance of a disheveled Chinese woman sputtering ‘He made me have a-sex’ ... surprisingly well," they wrote. "When she implicates the deputy, it’s now clear that the plot is going to be moving in the direction of…um…I dunno."

The AV Club was just as confused about the show, wondering if it's supposed to be campy. "For the most part, the many fine actors and writers and directors in this increasingly desperate show feel as if they’re all making completely different shows from each other," they said. "It’s still entertaining to watch everyone slowly realize they’re not even in the same universe."

See if you can predict where "Bates Motel" is going, Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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