04/16/2013 04:25 pm ET

Sen. Chris Murphy: Press 'Needs To Chill Out' (VIDEO)

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy cautioned the press from rushing to conclusions following the devastating bombings that occurred in Boston on Monday.

In an interview with MSNBC host Thomas Roberts, Murphy said that initial reports about the explosions were incorrect.

"So much of the reporting has been wrong, reports of far more than three dead, reports of multiple explosive devices beyond those that were at the scene," he said. "I just think everybody, including everybody in the press, needs to chill out here. Let the investigators do their work. Hopefully, they have some leads here that are going to get them somewhere, but I think we don’t want the public information to get ahead of the private information."

Conflicting reports surfaced almost immediately following the blasts, adding to the confusion in Boston. The New York Post was criticized for citing sources that said there were 12 people dead and that a "Saudi National" was taken "into custody." Those reports were backtracked on Tuesday. Other stories surfaced about cell phone service being shut down in Boston and that more than two devices were found after the attack. Officials confirmed that both reports were incorrect.

Murphy made headlines last week when he wrote a letter to Rupert Murdoch calling on the News Corp. chief to cancel Fox Sports' coverage of an NRA-sponsored NASCAR race.

(h/t The Washington Post)


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