04/16/2013 11:30 am ET | Updated Apr 16, 2013

Lottery Ticket Sculptures: 'Ghost Of A Dream,' Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom, Makes Large-Scale Art From Discarded Trash... And More Arts News (VIDEO)

Artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom are serious about the lottery. Working together under the moniker "Ghost of a Dream," the two create giant, highly-detailed sculptures out of discarded lottery tickets found littered across the world. From New York to Switzerland to China, the married duo produce to-scale versions of luxury items as part of a poetic exploration of the lotto system.

Was explains their work in the Vice Art Talk video below:

"We kept finding these lost lottery tickets littered all over the ground and we started picking them up thinking they were someone's lost wish; that they were this hope and dream that they had and then they tossed it away. We started thinking about what those dreams actually meant and what happens if you collected enough of those to make that dream into a reality."

Their first project involved constructing a Hummer H3 out of the abandoned tickets, a collaboration with Rhode Island School of Design's "Artist Opportunities" program. From there Was and Eckstrom embarked on a trilogy of works meant to symbolize the three products most lottery winners would buy -- a dream vacation, a dream home and a dream car.

In Basel, Switzerland they built a lavish dining room meant to represent the house, made out of $70,000 worth of lost lottery tickets. In New York they debuted their movable island, a "dream vacation" design equipped with palm trees, inner tubes and resort-style muzak. Finally, their extravagant Lamborghini sculpture was erected in China, alluding to the fact that China is the second most frequent consumer of the Italian car, right behind the United States.

Scroll through the slideshow below for a look at some of the designs featured in the video. For more information on "Ghost of a Dream," check out their website here.

Ghost of a Dream

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