'No New Friends': DJ Khaled Gets Drake, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross To Stunt (AUDIO)

04/16/2013 10:18 am ET

Drake famously said that "every song sounds like Drake featuring Drake," and this week he's making that a reality. In addition to debuting one of his own songs ("Girls Love Beyonce"), the rapper appears on a brand new DJ Khaled joint featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

The title is a line from "Started From the Bottom," Drake's lead single off his forthcoming album "Nothing Was the Same." (We apparently now live in a world where references only need to go back a few months.) It's a line Drake has really taken to heart -- as we noted in our earlier coverage of "Girls Love Beyonce," "no new friends" has become his 2013 version of "YOLO." (Sidebar: Anything is better than YOLO.)

Other than the fact that Drake sings the hook, there isn't much engaging material here. Billboard notes that the track started as a remix to "Started From the Bottom" and is still subtitled "SFTB Remix."

Working with Drake is either a smart move for Wayne or Ross, as both stand to benefit or suffer greatly from being juxtaposed with the healthy young rapper. Wayne has been in and out of hospitals as he battles seizures, and Ross -- who has had some seizures of his own -- just got dropped by Reebok for taking way too long to actually apologize for rapping about date raping a girl by dropping molly into her drink.

By comparison, Drake is like a clean cut knight in Versace armor. Either he makes Wayne and Ross look like their vital signs are decent or the opposite.

"No New Friends" is the lead single off DJ Khaled's hilariously named forthcoming album, "Suffering From Success." Let us know what you think the comments.

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